Functional & Practical

It is waterproof, blackout, perfect for outdoor use and it is delivered pre-assembled.

Versatile - Space Saver

The retractable unit save both space and time. The unit take up roughly 20cm when closed.

Customizable & Affordable

One can print custom graphics directly onto the PVC sheets and is excellent value for money.

Spray For Life temperature control tunnel

  • Face recognition and mask
  • Recognition with ID cards
  • Control of turnstiles and automatic doors
  • Message customization
  • Android operating system
  • Manufactured by Giulio Barbieri Outdoor Solutions

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The Sprayforlife thermoscanner produced from the Spray for Life company is known worldwide as the device more performing for its stability, accuracy and speed of reading.

For temperature detection, the device uses technology of the infrared thermal image.

ALARM AT 37.5 DEGREES - The high temperature alarm will trigger when the limit of 37.5 degrees is exceeded, established by the WHO world.

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