Futsal Court Surface

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LOKFLOR Futsal Court Surface Dimensions:

  • 48 x 31 meters (1488 m²)

The LOKFLOR Futsal Court Surface is an all-weather, self-draining, indoor & outdoor interlocking sports surface that is made from LLDPE polymer from SASOL.

The LOKFLOR sport surface reduces injury and fatigue through its multi-directional flex technology and has a cooler playing surface due to the airflow around the playing surface. The edging ramp is installed to prevent tripping and secures the surface to the base structure to prevent the surface from migrating.

The self-draining LOKFLOR sport surface allows play to resume directly after a rain shower without having to dry the surface and is virtually maintenance-free. A pressure cleaner and leaf blower can be used to keep the surface clean if anything is spilled or lands on the surface.

The LOKFLOR has a G1 anti-slip surface structure and will not be damaged by general footwear but soft rubber-soled shoes are advised to prevent slipping on the surface.

Guarantee: It’s a 100% South African produced product and has a 15 year guarantee against U.V. degradation and a 20 year life.

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