GimAir Inflatable AirTrack XS

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10 – 15cm Thick

The AirFloor XS is by far one of our most popular products. Offering the unique opportunity to be able to train at home safely and without fearing possible injury. For gymnastics clubs that need extra warm-up areas or gymnasts who need to be able to do higher repetitions of elements, the AirFloor is the best option. It gives an extra boost for takeoff and allows for a soft, safe landing. The versatility of the AirFloor makes it a good option for a variety of sports including parkour, gymnastics, acrobatics, and even dance. Fun, safe acrobatic training.


  • The Centreline provides guidance for straight movement
  • Includes an electric blower

Product Dimensions (LxWxH):

X-Small: 300cm x 100cm x 15cm Blue
X-Small: 300cm x 100cm x 15cm Grey

X-Small: 300cm x 100cm x 10cm Pink

R3,399.00 ex VAT

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