Product Description:

  • The AirTrack T2 is the middle thickness mat.
  • It’s easy on the body at low pressure, but comes close to a spring floor at higher pressures.
  • The mat is 2 meter wide and pairs well with similarly thick 20cm landings mats, creating a level stepping surface off or around the AirTrack T2 mat.
  • Less impact on the body and an all-round solution for staying fit without injuries.
  • The AirTrack T2 requires the Hitachi blower when used by young children.
  • For older and heavier users, an additional OV10 blower might be required to top up the pressure.

Product dimensions (h x w x l): 0.2m x 2m x 6, 8, 10, 12, 15m

Product Colour: Blue/White

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